Natna Gun

Product Name : Type
Product model : MY-LRC125
Rated voltage : AC110V
Rated power : 1300W
Net weight : 1.52kg
Gross weight : 1.7kg
Use area : below 60 square
Color : white, blue, pink, gold, black
Product material : ABS plastic
Capacity : 350ml
Spray distance : 1.5-4 meters (excluding line length)
Dimensions : 285*245*67mm
Inner cavity size : 290*280*80mm
10 sets/box, size : 407*310*555mm, 17kg
Recommended Chemical
Air X spray N Go Proven by EPA
(environmental Protection Agency)
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Pioneers in Innovative Disinfection Applications

We are one step ahead in the expertise of inflection control and are setting high standards in disinfection strategies that are a necessity in current pandemic times. Take advantage of our novel, innovative application methods and keep your surrounding clean and disinfected. Protect yourselves and your loved ones from all harmful viruses.

Enjoy faster and more consistent application using lesser solution through our high quality disinfectant spray gun.

When looking for top quality, disinfectant product equipment to clean and sanitize your space effectively, our novel disinfectant spray gun ensures that you don’t have to look any further. This innovative spray gun disinfectant from Ustreetcleaning is perfect for home and corporate use to disinfect both small and large areas. Compatible with AirX Spray N Go, that is EPA registration #1839-220 approval, this spray gun can effectively and efficiently sanitize and disinfect a wide range of surfaces and areas. It’s easy to use spray motion is ideal for disinfecting without coming in contact with any part of the users body, thus protecting the user from undesirable side effects of the disinfectant. It’s dry air technology ensures that it can be sprayed on to any surface without making the surface wet. This protects the surfaces from any wet residue left behind keeping the surfaces safe and looking like new. It kills all viruses and germs through its easy spraying motion.iption
  • Portable feature allows ease of use.
  • Ensured safety as disinfectant does not come in contact with body parts.
  • Provides a consistent application coverage through its spray method.
  • Complete surface coverage in line with CDC recommendations
  • Simple installation of equipment.
  • Compatible with AirX Spray N Go, that is EPA registration #1839-220 approval.
The fast spray action ensures that the disinfectant covers all surfaces without the need to touch or wipe it. This provides a fast and effective method without any dangers of the users body parts coming in contact with harmful chemicals. Keep yourself protected through the seamless application process.
The spraying action reduces all risks of cross contamination that may happen with a spray and wipe method. Since, there is no other material touching the surfaces other than the disinfectant itself, cross contamination does not happen and risks of coming in contact with viruses is eliminated.
There are no complicated processes associated with the use of this product. All you need to do is to fill the sprayer with the recommended disinfectant, connect it to the power source and push the spraying trigger. Disinfecting has never been this simple.
This lightweight spray gun can be transported easily by anyone. Take it with you, wherever necessary.
The versatile and portable spray gun ensures that the recommended amount is sprayed on all surfaces without any wastage. This makes our spray gun applicator a cost effective method of disinfecting all surfaces.
The fast spraying actions enables the disinfection chemical to reach all surfaces including hard to reach books and crannies. The quick drying property ensures that the chemical adheres to the surfaces providing maximum protection. The sprayers have been designed to meet dwell times for solutions to reach their full potential and provided effective and efficient solutions. It provides complete surface coverage in line with CDC recommendations.
Our product confirms to environmental standards by spraying a lesser percentage of chemical per square meter.
  • Hotels, restaurants and other house keeping services.
  • Hair salons, barbers and all beauty service providers.
  • Hospitals and other medical institutions.
  • Schools, universities and all educational institutions.
  • Offices and other commercial properties.
  • Cars, buses and other public transport providers.
  • Home and personal uses.

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